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Welcome to The Cornerstone!

This corner in Somerville is only a few blocks from where I grew up. This city has changed a lot, but even during all my time away it always felt like home. I spent much of my early career cooking in Japan and Hawaii. I’ve cooked in shacks, food trucks, chains, and gourmet joints serving everything from steak to sushi to brunch to udon.  

This means I’ve cooked alongside some amazing chefs from every background. Every kitchen does “family meal” (or in Japanese, “makanai”) — the meal the chef prepares nightly for the staff themselves. Those hearty homestyle meals, usually eaten standing up, remain some of my favorite culinary experiences. I hope to bring my guests the same experience of authentic food and family warmth with my menu at The Cornerstone. 

At The Cornerstone, I have the privilege of continuing a Somerville restaurant tradition with a fresh perspective. The food will showcase unique tastes and preparations from all of my travels, while also celebrating the broad array of cultures and cuisines represented in Somerville, the place I was raised. 

For anyone who cooks, there’s no happier feeling than serving your own favorite dish to a friend or guest and watching it become their favorite dish. I look forward to serving you your new favorite dish at your new favorite place. 

  • Chef Toraji

Chef Bio

Head Chef David Toraji Oshima has a wide range of restaurant experience over a two-decade career in cooking. Specializing in Japanese cuisine, Chef David most recently served Boston’s most popular udon at Yume Ga Aru Kara, where he also designed the recipes. Prior to that, he also served as Chef at viral ramen sensation Yume O Katare. He’s worked and managed in kitchens specializing in Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Korean, Italian, burgers, pizza, brunch, and more. He has also served as head sushi chef, knife-flipping hibachi performer, and his first job was grilling steak in a parking lot.